This project will become an anthology inspired by manga from the 70’s and early 80’s. We want it to honor the comics from the era and show of a variety of styles. Each manga should feel as if it could have been published in the 70’s or early 80’s in regards to the style of the art, while the story itself can be set in a contemporary setting. That means that the characters can own smartphones and tablets, they can vape or look at vines: the story’s time period is not restricted to the 70’s and 80’s only. However, the art style aesthetic should still be obviously inspired by the 70’s and early 80’s manga.


This is a co-joint project between everyone involved. This book is distributed by each and every person as a joint effort. There’s no major publisher behind this project. There’s no prior funding. We will make a crowdfunding campaign for the printing costs of this book. Our hope is that the crowdfunding campaign will fund the complete printing costs of the book.

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Language: English

Page count: min: 10 max: 30 (including chapter cover)

Size: European B5: 176 × 250mm (plus 5mm safety margin)

Time period to be inspired by: 1970-1985

Story: No theme in particular, but read the rules and guidelines carefully and do your research.

Style: The style should obviously be inspired by mangas from between 1970-1985. It doesn’t matter which genre (see rules for exceptions), so it doesn’t matter if it’s shoujo or shounen or something else.

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