What is the target audience for this project?

The target audience is anyone who likes the retro manga style. People all over the world and of all ages like these kinds of mangas, so it's hard to define further. But we're thinking that anyone who's a teen or older should be able to read the anthology. Thus, it's not particularly focused towards a very young audience. Think 13+ years old.


Am I supposed to copy a specific artist or should I draw in my own style?

You can draw in your own style, but try to incorporate elements from comics from the era to make your own 70's inspired style! It should feel like something that could have been potentially published in the 70's, or if the 70's style was the current art style, how would the mangas be now? Try to explore those aspects!

But if I want to use a specific 70's manga artist's style, can I do that?

Yes, as long as you don't copy any characters or such. They are copyrighted, of course. Copyright is applied to all and any designs that someone has done, so be careful to make your own characters, background, props, etc. We do think it's charming if at least a bit of your own style shine through, so don't feel too stressed about copying someone's style exactly! We recommend mixing two or more similar styles to find your own retro style!

Do I have to know my page count this early in the process?

No, for now the page count is only an estimation this early in the project. You don't have to decide on a page count until the layout sketches should be submitted on June 1st.

If I have submitted an application and/or started submitting to deadlines, but I suddenly can't be in the final anthology anymore, can I cancel my part?

Absolutely, you can leave the project at any point before the book has been sent to print. But we would be very sad to see you go :(

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